Assisting the protection of Nigerian's Account and other Countries Account from banks through the collaborated companies.


PC/Mac friendly Desks

We make student, adult and people to be free from worries, we actually make PC friendly to everyone and not detrimental to all health generally.

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Collaboration with Professionals

We collaborate with Estate Mart team of professionals. The department that help in creating websites and apps in some countries around the world (The world's largest professionals community). since 1840, Education was established with wrong motives. People don't check their future career/ job before enrolling in their course of study, after gathering all the necessary inputs, we discovered the best way for bringing and developing experts in all fields of study is to allow technology that as no effect on human beings to detect students, pupils and adults real course. Our team of professionals really worked on this portal to help people know the importance of spending their leisure hours to detect their future jobs in such a way that certificate holders of secondary school will be excited with their detected area of specialization. we care that all students using this system will come out with a good results after all.

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Open for Community Meeting Rooms

We hold a meeting with our workers every month, we make sure we definitely reach the major people in need of our services.

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2G, 3G, 4G & 5G High-End Internet Connection

We work with 4G Network around every estate mart vicinity and we help to save and get people's data and information with the 5G fastest network.

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Digital Infrastructure Management

An efficient service for managing your digital servers, networks, and applications. We focus on optimizing your digital structure for better performance and reduced downtime. A seamless infrastructure management solution designed to handle your digital complexities.

Content Creation Assistance

A comprehensive service that assists in generating engaging content for websites and social media. Our experts work closely with you to understand your business and create meaningful content that connects with your audience. We create content that drives engagement and business growth.

CSCN Installation and Management

At opensitesystem101, we offer comprehensive CSCN Installation and Management services. Our adept team works tirelessly to configure and maintain your CSCN, enabling a secure, efficient, and productive digital economy. We use latest technology solutions protection lives and properties.

CSCN Security Audit and Evaluation

Our CSCN Security Audit and Evaluation service at opensitesystem101 scrutinizes your network's security measures to identify vulnerabilities and recommend improvements. With our 1876 network upgrade, we ensure a resilient and fortified technology environment that ensures the highest level of protection for lives and properties.

CSCN Environment Configuration

At opensitesystem101, we offer a premier service of Contextual Security Configuration Networking (CSCN). We equip various environments with state-of-the-art CSCN, ensuring robust protection and optimized computing.

Digital Environment Fortress

We provide cutting-edge technology service that safeguards lives and property through our exclusive 'Digital Environment Fortress'. This service incorporates the elements of CSCN, fortifying your digital economy sphere with unmatched security.