Online course: Each Online professional lecture is Certificate given by opensitesystem101 officials and licensed by OSS101 The courses are available now and obtain your professional certificate and get licensed to represent us in another areas or country. pick one course of study with $50USD for a week, NGN5000 for a week which you can spread the payment using our AUTO - CARD PAYMENT FOR ALL By picking your payment Options & Learn the NEW SCHOOL ERA. The best service is given worldwide. Qualifications for enrollment: NCE holder, BSC holder, university first degree, higher national diploma in education from a recognize institution Other qualifications: Minimum of national diploma or any discipline with Ten years relevant work experience. Duration and school fees: Saturdays & Sundays (1:00pm-6:00pm) 12months courses with 18courses -28courses uploaded - $2500 school fee- both foreign and Nigerian lecturers only. Monday-friday (5:00pm to 7:00pm) 3months courses with 8 courses uploaded - NGN65,000 naira school fees. Nigerian lecturers only. Main courses available: Advance computer science Cyber security discovery New investment in business Intellectual property management L.O.T software practical Future jobs detection practical 1 People's econometric check lesson 1 Information security. Management information system Monitoring system practical Basic computer science Contact: +2347051874202

The Course includes

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18 Lessons

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