Lagos state and Ogun state


  • Do you want to develop your business idea as written below:

Online shopping platform e.g jiji or jumia

Savings platform e.g Ajo or Esusu e.t.c

Permanent website e.g business website and corporate website.

Transport social media platforms

PDF and Data entry, content writing and rewriting development plan

or Do you want to develop yourself or develop for others, fill the registration form

NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU INDICATE YOUR JOB CODE e.g job code upload, also upload the short agreement with L.O.T software documents, upload your payment slip.


  1. Choose your portfolio website plan at your suggested amount and get a threshold for your upload.
  2. All Requirements: CAC documents, Utility bill or phone bill,  Addresses, nature of business, directors, Names of directors, proof of identity card, region of business, country of business, number of present staffs and future staffs. 
  4. NO yearly plan = ₦19,800,000 $11,300 €8,661, ¢170,704.80, £10,750.50 for permanent website without future charges- job 102
  5. No yearly plan =₦10,800,000 $7,770.50 €8,300.19, ¢185,704.80, £9,650.50 to get a permanent savings platform -job 103
  6. No yearly plan= ₦16,122,100 naira, $9,754.00 €9,627.56, ¢146,017.80, £8,818.85 to get a permanent online shopping cart platform -job 104
  7. No yearly plan=₦9,650,000 $7,670.50 €6,913.19, ¢180,704.80, £8,650.50 PDF and data entry development plan - job 105
  8. To get hosting service to design and create free domain yourself, fill the registration form.
  9. Please write your full details and upload others.


  1. Reach more people per week for one month after job delivery


Reach out to more people as you pay based on plan


  • First upload: You pay on bit by bit daily or weekly until 365days without discrimination using upload file
  • Second upload: Make your agreement with L.O.T software and send it to us using upload file 
  • Always indicate you job code.