LAW OFFICE Template (Standard)-Business Agreement is a top-notch booking service designed specifically for legal professionals. With this service, you can easily create legally binding business agreements using a customizable template. Save time and streamline your workflow by generating professional, error-free agreements in just a few clicks. Our service ensures that all agreements adhere to legal standards and are tailored to meet your specific needs. Simplify the process of creating business agreements with LAW OFFICE Template (Standard)-Business Agreement.

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You are able to write an authentic template anytime contract comes around your firm and donate to the helpless after each transaction.

How to use Law office Template Software:

Narration and usage:

Law office template software is a platform of writing script that is made for conflict resolution or restitution of problems between affected person and beginner of incidents called starter of bad incident.


A man batched a car and it was not insured, the affected persons of the other car demand for quick fixing of his car through the beginner of the bad incident as both cars don't have comprehensive insurance documents. Using L.O.T software, you are writing a short agreement for future purpose in case of non-complete payment or default after the panel beater as estimated the cost of repair.

Note: the Email of the affected person comes first while the beginner of the incident serve as the client's name and Phone number.


I spoilt the road in an Estate with my supplying vehicle and I decided to write a short business agreement after payment with a receipt issued to me. in case, I misplaced the receipt given to me by the estate management, I will rather fall back to my soft-copy for future legal action if there is some traceable unfairness.

Note: the email of Management  paying comes first, while the affected person paying the money comes as client's name and phone number in writing while the estate management send a mail to the client as soft-copy.

INCIDENT 3: I want to detect my children's career and I started doing it to know their life purpose, I serve as start-up customer of the portal using either FG/PUBLIC or PRIVATE SCH. Future JOBS DETECTION. My Email entry is considered first while the write up will begin with my end-up customer. I will give my end-up customer my referral email to show my end-up customer (client) had know the job well by me (start-up customer)(referral).

The end-up customer is gotten from my phone book as a start-up customer. The end-up customer can also act as a start-up customer after the referral mail from previous start-up customer. 

The referral email is use when detecting for a student.

So, the end-up customer can represent him/herself as start-up customer using his/her phone book contacts.

The business agreement with L.O.T software is an agreement that the start-up and end-up customers have nothing to do with exchange of their phone book contact, As they go about their daily business, they get new contacts to detect their clients children's career using their phone book and convincing them.

This is customer to customer agreement to avoid violation using future jobs detection categories showing that the end-up customer had paid for L.O.T Software business agreement to avoid future argument from the start-up customer, in this case the end-up customer works on his/her contact to gain 25℅ from each convinced friends now, which such ways, the end -up customer had converted to start-up customer for earning like his/her referral called previous start-up that referred her or him.

Note: The email of the start-up comes first, while clients name and phone serve as end-up customer details and the write up of the end -up customer comes first.