Welcome to chilly application content where you check future jobs of junior students in such way that they know their real classes ( course, department and higher level school ), for all junior secondary school students and all final year student's information. Please Go to L.O.T software to make an agreement between start-up customers and end-up customers

  • Category: Education
  • Duration: 02:30 Hours
  • Address: Lagos State, Nigeria (Map)

Stamped$260 - $260



Choose the convenient time to check your result or wait for few seconds/minutes to check your result after inputting and one time payment. You can detect children in junior classes going into senior classes (course, department and school once)

The students are advice to write all their grades within the GRADES TEXT AREA just for all junior ones to know their eligible classes.

You are required to fill up the above online form according to your categories

Email- recognised Email / frequently use email

full name- personal name/student's name

Repeat Time: Once or Twice or none

Phone number- Your phone number

Gender: Male or Female

Age: Age of Student or Age range

Referral Email- myestatemart@gmail.com
use agent detecting email address if the agent referred you

Grades Text Area- Your grades e.g. (subject-grades)


please ensure you write your complete results and information, failure to write the finished information and right information will results to 141.60 fine to re-correct the system from collapsing, so ensure you do the needful, write your right information and finish your information to get quick results. Thanks my friend. (You can proceed)