Competency Application helps to detect an adult going into part-time or full time course by using our automatic A.I Future jobs detection after payment to know their real course, Department and schools. Please, Go to L.O.T software to make an agreement between start-up customers (You) and end-up customers (Phone contacts) to generate money of your choice after your A.I career testing-(To avoid Disagreement from both start up customer and End-up customers which is optional)

  • Category: Education
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours
  • Address: Lagos State, Nigeria (Map)

Stamped$4.83 - $90



oChoose the convenient time to check your result above or wait for few seconds/minutes to check your result after inputting and one time payment.You can detect the future job of adult going into tertiary institution with our automatic search detectors.

The students are advice to write all their grades within the GRADES TEXT AREA just for G.C.E, N.E.C.O and W.A.E.C certified students or finalists to get the result of their Eligible department/school/course for tertiary entry in either part-time or full time enrolments home and abroad.
Who are successful to enrol: adults over 18 years.

You are required to fill up the above online form according to your categories

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please ensure you write your complete results and information, failure to write the finished information and right information will results to 141.60 fine to re-correct the system from collapsing, so ensure you do the needful, write your right information and finish your information to get quick results. Thanks my friend. (You can proceed)